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What is Isis Interface and
Isis Interface is the product name of our Customer Interface Tool. is the test and demo site.
Hoover Computer Services, Inc. is the producer of this product.

ISIS is a Web based Customer Interface Tool for forms submission. It is a customizable, secure, interactive web form allowing multiple pages which retains data for future recall. It maintains customer demographic data and service order data, and allows customers to modify their own information. It facilitates two way communication between a business and its customers.

The purchaser will specify what fields are to be on the form, and how they are to be organized. We make the custom modifications and drop the whole program into place by linking it to the marina’s existing website.

What It is not:

It is not meant to be a marina's primary website. But it will link seamlessly to one.

It is not a marina management software package, but it supplements one and we can train it to interface with one.

It is not off-the-shelf software. It is a customizable core package that has complete built in functionality but needs to be customized for each individual marina.

Return On Investment and Benefits

Increased Revenue. Makes ordering easier:

Taps into the customer’s impulse buying by allowing him to order on the spot using a computer or smart device without having to call the marina during business hours or having to print out a form and then fill it in and mail it.

While selecting what they originally wanted, a customer may see and order other items on the form that they wouldn’t have thought of when ordering by phone.

Customers will be more apt to order since they can start the request when they think of it and revise it later.

Customers can review past orders that they have made and re-order recurring maintenance packages.
ISIS breaks long forms down into logical sections making it easier for customers to navigate through a plethora of data, ignoring the sections that don't apply to them and quickly focusing on sections that do.

ISIS Modernizes the Company’s image:

ISIS makes the marina look more modern, up to date, and techno savvy by having an interactive form. Links onto their existing website easily.

Since this is a unique product, there are few marinas using such a sophisticated tool. It gives the marina using it a foot up on the competition.

Gives customers confidence that someone is receiving their submission.

It is a Customer Perquisite:
Allows constant communication between the marina staff and their customers online without having to make phone calls, emails or mail communiqués. As staff does their daily work, customers are automatically informed of progress. Customers can check on progress whenever they like online.

Easily allows customers to inform the marina of changes in their demographic and boat information.

Low cost initial investment:
Cloud based. No hardware, software, backups, or updates for the customer to purchase. Uses standard free browsers. Is accessible from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. Most software purchases require a considerable hardware and operating system investment, plus maintenance and upgrade costs. This has none.

Payment plan. Purchaser can pay the initial setup cost up front and receive a discount or make a smaller initial payment and spread out the balance into monthly payments.

Other Features

Unique. Not available anywhere online as a package. In order to create such a package, a company would have to hire a programming team to create one, involving considerable investment.
Fast turnaround. Get up and running within a couple of weeks. This package is a hybrid between a custom program and a plug in package.

All data entered is retained, unlike 99.9% of forms on the Web which lose all data as soon as the form is submitted.

After selecting items from pages, the user is shown all of his selections together on one page for review. He can modify his selections or proceed to submitting the form.

The system sends an email confirmation to customers and to the marina informing them when data was submitted. There is a link on the email so that customers can return directly to the order with one click.

Gives the marina many management reports.

Has an administrative dashboard for marina managers separate from customer login page for management tools.

‘Create new account’ function.

‘Forgot password’ function.

‘Change password’ function.

User defined terms and conditions.

Customizable instruction page.

Has been tested on Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera browsers.

Keeps track of orders by assigning a Session ID and shows the status of each order on every page.

Once orders are submitted, the marina can put an estimated completion date and an estimated cost on each item. They can require the customer to approve the cost before beginning by clicking on a checkbox. Customers are informed automatically by email that an item is awaiting customer approval.

As each item is completed, the marina can change the status to ‘complete’ and put a final cost and completion date on the item. Items that are stalled can have a ‘waiting for parts’ status and items being worked on can be tagged as ‘work in progress’.